A Charlotte Mason Education
Catherine Levison
Cathy Duffy
"I found these books extremely practical and thoughtful."
A Charlotte Mason Education
Catherine Levison

Speaking Engagements

Charlotte Mason’s methods are fun, effective and inexpensive. Her techniques are easily adapted to any home schooling method. Please tell a friend or your support group about these events.

1. An Overview of the Charlotte Mason Method.

Want happy children who are thoroughly educated? Tap in to how children naturally learn while you avoid burn out. Go beyond the boring basics and enrich your lives with the humanities. Learn how to use narration—a powerful, effective, and free technique. With this method you can improve your children’s level of observation and knowledge by replacing expensive curriculums with the finest literature, poetry, art, and music.

2. History And Science in the Charlotte Mason Method.

Retention is everything! Stop wasting your time and money—replace those boring workbooks with real life. Learn how to improve your children’s power of observation in an effective, thorough, yet loving way. Find out how to combine well-chosen literary books, direct contact, and sketching for the desired result . . . lasting knowledge. Nature notebooks and a homemade book of the centuries will be covered.

3. Language Arts for (Almost) Free.

So many language arts, so little money. As with most things, there is a boring way to teach children, and there is a more interesting way. Charlotte Mason’s techniques bring an end to the tears and complaints for both parent and child while drastically reducing the cost! This workshop covers foreign language, composition, handwriting, literature, poetry, spelling, and dictation.

4. Balancing Act: To Structure or Not to Structure.

Only YOU know if you need to loosen up or tighten up your home school efforts. Achieve the long, sought after balance between un-schooling and planned academics by implementing Charlotte Mason’s “short lessons.” Replace dawdling with good habits so that everybody has more free time to enjoy life.

All-Day How-To Charlotte Mason Workshop


An overview of the Charlotte Mason method, the liberal arts, how to use narration,  literature, art appreciation, formation of good habits, history, century books, science, nature  notebooks, sketching, short lessons, scheduling, book selection and language arts  including foreign languages, composition, handwriting, poetry, spelling, dictation, and  High School.