"I found these books extremely practical and thoughtful."

Catherine’s family enjoyed home education immensely and soon she answered the need to help others to learn how to happily home educate. Her goal has been to give practical advice while encouraging parents to think for themselves and develop a style that personally suited them.

The result is countless thousands of parents are happily home schooling thanks to Catherine’s books and nation-wide speaking engagements.

Catherine’s titles are, A Charlotte Mason Education—A Home Schooling How-To Manual and More Charlotte Mason Education—A Home Schooling How-To Manual. Her latest book is, A Literary Education—An Annotated Book List. She is also a contributing author to Homeschooling Methods; Seasoned Advice on Learning Styles published by Broadman & Holman, 2006. In addition Catherine has a regular column in the Link Homeschooling Newspaper.

For more information on Catherine, visit CatherineLevison.com.

To contact Catherine, email CatherineLevison@yahoo.com.

About Catherine

Catherine Levison, mother of five, began homeschooling in the 1980's at a time when this option had only recently been legalized in her state. She recognized the need for both materials and a philosophy in a relatively new field.

Catherine thoroughly researched various educational methods looking for the best possible choice for her family. Concerned for the quality of education for her children she also needed a method that could keep her interest as she anticipated over twenty years of home schooling before her. English educationalist Charlotte Mason proved to be the answer—her family flourished due to creative and effective techniques such as using poetry, masterpiece artwork, nature sketching combined with consistent attention to the academics.

A Charlotte Mason Education
Catherine Levison
A Charlotte Mason Education
Catherine Levison
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